Open Letter to Rep. Webb on HB60

I just sent this email to Rep. Webb. I’ll be updating this post with any replies or conversation that continues as a result.

Subject: HP60 questions

Hello Representative Webb,

I'd like to better understand how HB60 benefits citizens and businesses in Utah. It seems like it hinders competition between ISPs which means higher prices for Internet access.

For example, let's say people or businesses in an area (business park, new house development, or existing neighborhood) want to foot the bill to have fiber installed and allow those people or businesses in that area to connect using an ISP of their choosing. Allowing this extra competition between ISPs means lower Internet costs for those people or businesses in this scenario.
It appears that this bill prevents such a thing from happening with no real benefit to the people.

I figure I must be missing something, will you please help me to understand why HB60 is a good thing?

I'm anxiously awaiting your reply.


Millcreek Systems, Inc.

Amazon AWS reduces prices again!

Amazon has reduced their AWS prices again. Hourly instances have been reduced by anywhere from 2% to 30% depending on the instance type and location. Outbound bandwidth prices have been reduced anywhere from 26% to 83% depending on the location you’re using.
You can see read their announcement for all of the details.

Amazon Lowers S3 pricing

It seems like Amazon is always giving you more bang for your buck.  Today, they reduced S3 pricing.  Here is how they’re changing effective Feb. 1:

                          Old         New
First 1TB           $0.140    $0.125
Next 49TB         $0.125    $0.110
Next 450TB       $0.110    $0.095
Next 500TB       $0.095    $0.090
Next 4000TB     $0.080    $0.080 (no change)
Over 5000TB     $0.055    $0.055 (no change)

Here is where you can get full Amazon S3 price details for all regions.


Amazon AWS announces Support for DynamoDB

I logged into one of my AWS accounts this morning and what did I see?  A brand new feature staring at me!

As it says, DynamoDB is a “Fast, Predictable, Highly-Scalable NoSQL Data Store”  Which really means a highly available key-value store.  Amazon has been using DynamoDB for the underlying storage technology for core parts of for years.

Here’s Amazon’s page on DynamoDB.

You can read more technical details about DynamoDB here –

Server maintenance tonight

I’ll be performing maintenance on servers Tonight (Feb. 25) between 10pm and midnight (Mountain Time.)  Many servers will require a reboot due to an OpenSSL kernel update.  Other updates will be applied, but more detail on the OpenSSL vulnerability can be found here.

The maximum expected downtime for each server is only a few minutes. Please email me if you have concerns or questions.