New Millcreek Systems Package Repository is Online

The new Millcreek Systems .deb package repository is now online.  We will be using this repository to post customized software and systems management software specific to servers managed by Millcreek Systems.   It is currently for Debian and Ubuntu systems only and can be added by running the following command(s):

sudo wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/millcreeksys.list$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install millcreeksys-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update

The PGP key id that we will use to sign packages is 8A87ABCB and its fingerprint is 0DDA 22E2 2FBB 71E1 51B9 17B3 CCA8 C173 8A87 ABCB