Open Letter to Rep. Webb on HB60

I just sent this email to Rep. Webb. I’ll be updating this post with any replies or conversation that continues as a result.

Subject: HP60 questions

Hello Representative Webb,

I'd like to better understand how HB60 benefits citizens and businesses in Utah. It seems like it hinders competition between ISPs which means higher prices for Internet access.

For example, let's say people or businesses in an area (business park, new house development, or existing neighborhood) want to foot the bill to have fiber installed and allow those people or businesses in that area to connect using an ISP of their choosing. Allowing this extra competition between ISPs means lower Internet costs for those people or businesses in this scenario.
It appears that this bill prevents such a thing from happening with no real benefit to the people.

I figure I must be missing something, will you please help me to understand why HB60 is a good thing?

I'm anxiously awaiting your reply.


Millcreek Systems, Inc.