UVEF Crunch Lunch Presentation Video

In September, I presented at Crunch Lunch and the video of my presentation is now online. Each presenter was given exactly five minutes to present using 20 slides.  Slides automatically advanced every 15 seconds.  Enjoy watching me fumble over my words as I try to pass on too much information in that short timeframe.

The original video is available on the UVEF website.

Slides from my presentation are available here:

More information on other presenters is available here:

Crunch Lunch presentations

I recently presented at Crunch Lunch, hosted by UVEF and they published everyone slides here.  It was quite an experience in rapid-fire presenting.  20 slides in 5 minutes with slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds.  Hardly any time to blink.

I’m told that they’ll be posting the video too, which will be great since the slides contain only a fraction of the information shared at the event.  I’ll post another update when the videos go live so you can see how it all went (and watch me fumble my words as I try to say everything I wanted to.)

How to choose a Domain Name: 7 tips for choosing a Domain Name

Here are a 7 quick tips to keep in mind when you register a domain:

  1. Use “.com”
  2. Don’t use hyphens
  3. Use an easy to spell domain
  4. Make sure your domain passes the phone test – say it to someone and have them tell you what they would type in (i.e. “my email address is [email protected]”) Remember, you might say Donuts4You.com, but some people will hear DonutsForYou.com. Trust me, you don’t want to have to say, “… ‘Donuts’, the number 4, ‘you’ dot com…” every time you give out your email address.
  5. Keep it short
  6. Use proper spelling (verify with spellchecker)
  7. Don’t spend a lot, registering a new domain shouldn’t cost you more than $10/year. Also, renewing your domains shouldn’t cost you more than $10/year. Don’t fall for the $30 renewal garbage that you’ll get in the mail.
  8. Consider registering other similar domains in addition to your primary domain time, such as; other TLDs (.net, .org, .us, .biz), singular/plural versions (If you only registered GoldenDonuts.com, you can bet someone will register GoldenDonut.com and get some web traffic from your work)

Need help getting started?
Brainstorm a little: write down all the words that come to mind when you think of your business (from the customer perspective.) Use a thesaurus to expand that list of words. Start searching for available domains using different word combinations from your list.

If the domain you really want is already taken, you may have to pay hundreds (or thousands) to get it. Even if the person that currently owns it isn’t using it.

When using your domain in print, consider capitalizing the beginning of words to make it more readable, for example thebestdonutshopintheworld.com vs. TheBestDonutShopInTheWorld.com